On May 11, Switzerland will proceed with the second stage of the lockdown exit: reopening of schools of general education and all retail shops.

Furthermore, since the situation in Switzerland is stabilizing faster than expected, the government resolved to allow restaurants to reopen on May 11 with rules including keeping a distance of 2 meters between tables and a maximum of 4 people per table. Today, museums and libraries will also reopen, public transport will resume its normal operation. Subject to certain restrictions, physical training will be allowed, the activity of travel companies will be resumed, the ease of the border control will start.


It is to be recalled that during the lockdown in Switzerland only grocery stores and pharmacies were open, and hospitals and medical practices saw only those patients who needed emergency care. On April 27, the gradual lockdown exit started. In particular, clinics were allowed to perform both urgent and elective surgery. On the same day, doctors were allowed to see all patients. Hairdressing saloons, beauty shops, garden centres, massage rooms and DIY stores reopened.


The third stage of the lockdown exit is scheduled for June 8. On this day, institutions of higher education, technical and vocational institutions, colleges and gymnasiums will resume work. At the same time cinemas, theatres, swimming pools, zoos and botanical gardens will reopen. Church services will be held again. The ban on public gatherings of more than 5 people will be lifted.

  • Restart of events, festivals, concerts – unclear.
  • Reopening of the borders – unclear.