Telemedicine, especially in the form of a standard telephone consultation or a consultation by Skype or email, becomes extremely important during a pandemic.

This measure is a mean between a recommended and a compulsory one:
patients may be prevented from entering clinics or practices without calling ahead and having a telephone or online consultation.


  • To prevent them from bringing the virus into hospitals, clinics and medical practices by infecting other patients and women in labour
  • To identify symptoms and, if possible, to treat patients remotely
  • To make sure that a medical consultation or hospitalization is needed and to refer a patient to another proper medical institution or to get prepared to see him/her


  • Health insurance companies have been trying to make this form of medical care compulsory in Switzerland for a long time to reduce medical expenses
  • Before the pandemic, telephone and online medical consultations have been compulsory only for holders of a special form of cheap insurance policies
  • Due to the pandemic, telemedicine is becoming popular among doctors and clinics working with foreign patients

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