When does one need a rehabilitation?

Indications for the prescription of rehab or subsequent treatment are very diverse. Many accidents or serious illnesses can lead the patient to be still in need of intensive care and medical supervision after treatment in the hospital.

Rehabilitation may be necessary in the following cases, and this list can be extended:

  • Treatment of the musculoskeletal system (orthopedic rehab)
  • Coronary thrombosis (cardiac rehab)
  • Surgery on the brain or its trauma (neurological rehab)
  • Injuries of the spine (neurologic or sports medical rehab)
  • Complex injuries involving multiple body parts or organ systems
  • Various cancer types (oncological rehab)
  • Mental and psychosomatic diseases (psychiatric or psychosomatic rehab)
  • Drug addiction (medicamental therapy)

Rehabilitation clinics in Switzerland

Rehabilitation clinics in Switzerland, also called reha-clinics (Reha) here, undergo rigorous certification and are by right among the best in the world. An important role in the success of rehabilitation clinics is played by the very nature of Switzerland – clean air, crystal water, beautiful views and a relaxed rhythm of life create the best conditions for a speedy successful rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation should resemble rest, and stay in the clinic – a vacation in a chalet .

Medical specialists working in rehabilitation clinics are different from doctors from conventional hospitals. Rehabilitation is carried out exclusively by medical specialists, doctors and medical psychotherapists who have undergone a special additional training in the field of social medicine and rehabilitation. In clinics, there are usually specialists from different fields of medicine, such as, for example:

  • audio therapists
  • ergotherapists
  • nutritionists
  • special educators
  • speech therapists
  • massage therapists and medical workers in swimming pools
  • orderlies
  • orthopedists
  • physiotherapists
  • psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychotherapists
  • social workers
  • sports therapist.

In Switzerland, you can expect an excellent quality of medical care in combination with a comfortable stay, which is comparable to a vacation. Clinics in Switzerland combine an undeniable proven quality and a warm attitude to patients.

What does rehabilitation usually include?

The therapeutic range of rehabilitation institutions usually varies and adapts to the specific tasks of each case. It can include both additional treatment and many other methods – for example, physiotherapy, classical massage, patient care, diet tips, group and individual psychotherapy, prosthetics and social counseling.

The central element in the context of any measure of medical rehabilitation is also an assessment of the patient’s socio-medical effectiveness status. This assessment takes into account all physical and mental illnesses related to the limitation of the patient’s performance, as well as possible professional and non-professional disability. Socio-medical evaluation can be carried out exclusively by doctors.

Treatment and rehabilitation in Switzerland with Airdoc

Airdoc works with Swiss and foreign medical specialists who find an individual approach to each patient. When selecting clinics, we pay special attention to the infrastructure needed for a particular check-up or treatment, and we choose only the best quality/price ratio for our clients.

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