Today, on June 15, Switzerland officially reopen the borders with all EU / EFTA states and the UK.

Since 6 June, further measures have been eased. Many of the previously restricted leisure, entertainment and sports activities are now once again permitted as long as attendance lists are taken, and precautionary measures and rules on hygiene and social distancing are observed. In particular, public meetings for up to 30 people and events for up to 300 people, holiday camps for up to 300 children and young people are allowed. Swimming pools, beaches, discos, nightclubs reopened.

Numbers of people testing positive for the virus are continuing to fall. On June 14, 23 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the Swiss Confederation; in total, there are 31,117 people tested positive for coronavirus in the country.

Despite the next step towards normalizing, the Federal Council still categorises the situation in Switzerland as extraordinary under the terms of the Epidemics Act. Swiss Federal Council of Health updated recommendations to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The new recommendations are: 1. If you experience symptoms, get tested immediately and stay at home. 2. Always leave your contact details whenever possible so you can be traced.
The new color of the campaign of the Federal Council is blue as a symbol of further normalization of the situation.