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Many of our customers are facing similar challenges. Due to linguistic hurdles and little knowledge of the Swiss health system alone, it is not easy to make the right decisions with certainty. Planning a treatment abroad is often associated with countless questions. However, different customers have different needs, and Airdoc approaches them individually.

Some of our clients have already been to some doctors and are unsure about the diagnosis. We believe that a second opinion is needed at least when an uncertainty arises, or if the treatment options suggested for you are complicated, risky, or unpleasant. This can be done conveniently online.

Other customers have already decided to make a medical visit to Switzerland and often combine it with tourist activities as well. Our role is very different and diverse. Of course, we organize everything related to your stay. We evaluate the appropriate clinics and doctors, get offers and judge them using our experience. On request we also organize transfers, hotels, visa formalities, interpreting and translations of documents as well as taking care of people who travel with you. Other clients have already organized a lot themselves and are only looking for linguistic support from our interpreters and translators. Interpreters translate the conversation of the parties (medical, customer) in a meaningful and verbal manner at short intervals. The necessary language skills go far beyond the command of the everyday language. Moreover, relevant medical expertise is required here. A professional interpreter is also committed to neutrality, independence, and confidentiality. We carefully choose and organize the appropriate interpreter for the coordinated appointment with you and the physician. If you have any questions, ask us: info@airdoc.ch

For health!

How important it is to maintain your health and that of your loved ones! Today there is an opportunity to get additional advice, get a second opinion and, of course, a new point of view at one’s health, without leaving home! Consultations of leading experts from Switzerland, including online, helped us clarify the diagnosis and prescribe treatment! Special thanks to the employee of Airdoc Anastasia Sorvacheva for the organization of consultations, professional translation, prompt decisions and confidentiality!

Tatiana Sereda

Professional, punctual, convenient.

We would like to express our gratitude to the employee of Airdoc, Anastasia Sorvacheva, for organizing regular checkups for our family. The company gives us the opportunity not only to visit highly qualified doctors at a convenient time for us, but also, if necessary, to consult with doctors online, and what we consider very important is the possibility to get a doctor’s second opinion. We would like to especially note the competent communication of Anastasia with the doctors through translation. Professional, punctual, convenient.

Aleksey and Liliya Pavlenko

A very big thank you to Nastya for her care and professionalism in translation. After all, it is very important that what the doctor says is translated precisely. Additionally, thanks for the very kind and humane attitude of Nastia to us: when you are worried and confused, she will always support and help. We have known Nastya for many years and we will gladly continue to communicate with her. It is also very important that when we have already been done with all the medical examinations and were flying back to Russia, we could always contact her and solve the problems that have arisen.

Alexander and Svetlana G.

Now, with an easy heart, I want to thank the company Airdoc, led by a remarkable, devoted professional – Anastasia Sorvacheva! It is difficult to overestimate the help that was given to me and my family! After all, what can be more valuable than life? Anastasia was the lifebuoy, which I was holding onto while undergoing treatment. In addition to the highest professional level of medical personnel, the accuracy and coherence of its work, I received not only a completely satisfying medical treatment, but also incredible warmth, support and participation that are so important far from home! After the treatment, I the smiles of new friends and the understanding that I’m in the right, reliable hands remain in my memory!

Anastasia H.

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