• Federal Office for Statistics
    Many statistics about Switzerland, i.a. on the topics of population, labor, agriculture, tourism, health, banking, public finance, crime.
  • Swissinfo
    Latest Swiss news in several languages. Swissinfo is a business unit of SRG SSR idée suisse (Swiss Radio and Television Company). It has the task of informing Swiss people living abroad about the events in their home country and increasing Switzerland’s profile abroad.
  • Swiss portal of the Confederation, cantons and municipalities
    The Swiss portal ch.ch is the national homepage of Switzerland. It is the digital business card of the official Switzerland and the central entrance to the online information of federation, cantons and municipalities in the languages German, French, Italian, Romansch and English.
  • List of municipalities
    The community directory.ch reveals key data on the Swiss municipalities.
  • Opendata.swiss
    opendata.swiss is the portal for Swiss Open Government Data (OGD). Here you can download Swiss government data for free.
  • Official course book of the Swiss Federal Office of Transport
    The Swiss Federal Office of Transport provides the official course book. This will give you everything you need to know about public transport.
  • Atlas of Switzerland
    The National Atlas offers a new look at Switzerland with innovative maps, including a 3D version.
  • Official website of Swiss Tourism
    This website is available in many different languages and is to some extent the mother of all tourism websites in Switzerland. If you want to enjoy holidays in Switzerland, this website offers an optimal entry point.
  • Pro Helvetia
    On behalf of the Confederation, the Pro Helvetia Cultural Foundation promotes artistic creation, promotes cultural mediation and cultivates cultural exchanges both at home and abroad. The website is available in five languages.
  • Map of Switzerland
    Swiss map, which you can zoom into by double-clicking. The cards can also be incorporated as links in e-mails.
  • mixMAP Switzerland
    With the map generator, you can arrange your map individually. Choose between four different overview maps or put several on top of each other. In addition, you can display Swiss cities and municipalities on the map.
  • Town plan
    Quick access to the map of a community.
  • Historical Dictionary of Switzerland
    The Historical Dictionary of Switzerland is a scientific reference work that presents Swiss history from prehistory to the present in a generally understandable form. It is the only scientific lexicon in the world that simultaneously appears in three languages. The articles are available for free.
  • Swiss mountains
    With Peaks you can explore the names of the mountains in the Swiss Alps.
  • E-Pics
    E-Pics is the platform of ETH Zurich for photographs, pictures and illustrations. The catalogs include photo archives and photographers’ estates, from the natural sciences, pictures about university life, the history of science and technology, science photography and many other topics.
  • Helvetia by Night
    Wonderful images of nights in Switzerland.
  • Switzerland Global Enterprise
    Switzerland Global Enterprise, founded in 1927 under the name Swiss Confederation, Osec for short, as a non-profit association in Lausanne, informs, advises and accompanies Swiss and Liechtenstein SMEs in their international business plans. Switzerland Global Enterprise is a company that deals with the development and management of real estate.
  • Weblist
    Directory with a large selection of other websites from Switzerland. In the Toplists section you will find the websites sorted by Cantons.
  • Internet Service Providers
    Internet-Dienstleister und Agenturen.

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