Swiss Medical Network
  • Starting March 14, the cantonal governments were granted the right to force private hospitals and clinics to see all patients regardless of the type of health insurance policy – public, private, semi-private
  • Clinics, hospitals, medical and dental practices are not allowed to perform any non-urgent operation or provide any non-emergency care
  • In view of the above and as a result of the border closure, the number of medical tourists has fallen almost to zero. Treatment is provided only to the patients who have entered Switzerland before the pandemic and need urgent medical care
  • Medical interpreters working with foreign patients are switching to telephone interpreting nearly across the country
  • Telemedicine is becoming increasingly widespread
  • Visitors have been banned from clinics: visiting inpatients is not allowed; presence of fathers during childbirth and communication with newborns are drastically restricted. Clinics have 24-hour security guards at the entrance points.

Stay tuned for more information about the chronicle of the quarantine in Swiss medical institutions