We continue to publish the short chronicle of events relating to the coronavirus pandemic in Switzerland and to inform you about the measures taken in the Swiss healthcare industry and the special arrangements made in clinics to prevent the spread of the pandemic

Starting from the third week of March 2020

  • One clinic after another asked their administrative staff not directly involved in supporting patients to work remotely. The working hours of such employees have been partly reduced
  • The stocks and sale of certain medical equipment, supplies, and medicines have been put under special government control. Administrative and criminal liability have been imposed for speculation on the sale of such supplies. The first criminal and administrative proceedings have been instituted for this type of offence.
  • At the end of March, Germany refused to perform its obligation to supply face masks to Switzerland
  • On April 8, it was resolved to suspend the import duties on medical supplies and simplify the related import procedure
  • On April 8, the first plane from China landed in Switzerland and brought medical supplies, mainly face masks and protective medical gowns
  • On April 16, it was resolved to lift the restrictions on seeing patients for doctors and clinics, starting from April 27
  • On April 27, doctors nearly returned to normal work. Elective surgery has been resumed, but the regional governments are authorized to limit the number of operations to provide enough space for coronavirus patients in intensive care units. It`s still recommended to call ahead before going to a doctor or an emergency department. Many practices, in particular psychotherapeutic ones, continue to consult non-urgent patients remotely – by telephone or other means of communication

Text: Dmitry Bratyshev