Drink less coffee, wine, tea, etc.

The unsightly discoloration of teeth, among other things, is caused by a number of foods and luxury products. Therefore, if you want to take countermeasures against yellowness of the teeth, you should reduce the use of typical “culprits”, such as coffee, red wine or tea. Even abstinence from nicotine can be rewarded with whiter teeth.

It is useful to know that some medicine can promote the penetration of colored particles into the tooth enamel and, as a result, also lead to discoloration of the teeth. Pay attention to the instructions for the medications that you are taking and ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any doubts about the effect of these drugs on your teeth

Brush your teeth thoroughly and regularly

Naturally white teeth? Those who pay attention to thorough and regular dental hygiene, create the best basis for a snow-white smile. Therefore, brush your teeth twice a day and pay attention to cleaning the interdental spaces (for that you can use special interdental brushes and dental floss). Replace the toothbrush at least every three months, so as not to reduce the cleaning result caused by worn bristles.

Additional tip: Special whitening kinds of toothpaste are specially formulated to eliminate and prevent tooth discoloration.

Professional teeth cleaning

A great way to keep your teeth white for a long time is to undergo a professional dental cleaning. Not only does it reduce the risk of caries and gingivitis, but also whitens your teeth. During the treatment, plaque and tartar are removed with special tools, so that the natural whiteness of teeth resurfaces again, giving you a charming smile


Beware of whitening products, freely available in shops

Have you ever considered whitening your teeth at home? This sounds convenient, but products for teeth whitening, such as whitening strips or whitening “pens”, are not approved by most dentists.

For instance, improperly used bleach can cause gum irritation.But what about the whitening effect? The highest bleach concentration allowed to be sold freely was established by law (0.1% hydrogen peroxide) – and it is considered that the whitening effect is quite low.

Important: the use of highly concentrated whitening agents (for example, those bought online) is strongly discouraged by dentists.

Baking powder for white teeth? Better not!

Home remedies for teeth whitening are very popular. Especially baking soda is considered a very effective ingredient for whiter teeth. DIY tips, like the use of banana peel, coconut oil or lemon juice for teeth bleaching purposes spread on the Internet very quickly.

Experts advise to be cautious when using any kind of self-made whiteners on the teeth. For example, even though baking soda can actually make teeth whiter in the short term, it is also likely to cause damage to the enamel and, as a result, an increased tendency to discoloration of the teeth in the future.

Professional whitening

If you want to make your teeth a few nuances whiter, you can ask your dentist for a  professional teeth whitening. During this procedure, a special chemical whitening agent is applied to the teeth. The effect usually lasts up to three years.

Important: the dentist should first examine the condition of your teeth and gums. Professional teeth cleaning is also recommended before any bleaching. Ask your dentist what procedures you need for healthy white teeth.