Whenever you are not 100% sure about the planned procedure, you should consult a neutral specialist. This is especially important when the prescribed treat0ment is invasive or involves an operation. An operation cannot be undone.

Ask for a second opinion and we will organize everything necessary for you. Your case will be reviewed by a first-class medical expert. You will be given a written assessment and a second opinion on your diagnosis and treatment options. Please note that all the relevant documents must be translated into German in advance. Please let us know if you need assistance with the translation.

Translation of final report

Translators work in writing and in their mother tongue. The language skills, required for such translation, go far beyond the command of everyday language. Moreover, medical interpretation requires relevant medical expertise. A professional translator is also committed to neutrality, independence and confidentiality. We evaluate appropriate translators and assist with basic paperwork.

Your data is safe with us

The protection of patient data is our highest priority. The data transfer takes place via the extremely secure SSL technology. Your encrypted data is stored on a Swiss server. You will receive an automatically generated password, please keep it in a safe place! For security reasons, there is no way to recover or change the password. There is no link between the data and the customer stored on the server.

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