Consultation with the Doctor

Talk to a specialist in Switzerland online or on the phone and find out about the possibilities for further steps. Easily from the comfort of home. Our services:

  • Organization of a medical specialist in Switzerland
  • Ensuring and coordinating timely appointments
  • Organization of a professional interpreter
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Second Medical Opinion

A second medical opinion helps in making the right decision and optimizing treatment. It significantly increases the safety of patients. Our services include:

  • Getting a professional second opinion from a top doctor in Switzerland
  • Ensuring timely appointments
  • Easy and secure processing of your documents
  • Translation of the second opinion into Russian
From EUR 1050.–
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Treatment in Switzerland

We organize medical examinations, treatments, rehabilitation and spa stays in Switzerland. Our services include:

  • Evaluation of suitable doctors and clinics
  • Selection of offers and clarification of the details
  • Providing of hotels and transfers
  • Support with visa formalities
  • Provision of translators and interpreters
  • Care for accompanying persons
Individual price
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General Request

We help you with the right course of action, with choosing the right specialist and a suitable clinic. We also supply you with a lot of important information.

  • What is your problem?
  • What steps have you already taken?
  • How urgent is it?
  • What information would you like to get from us?
We look forward to your inquiry!
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