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Free consultation on treatment and prevention in Switzerland and clinics abroad

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We are a Swiss company engaged in the organization of medical and preventive examinations and treatment in Switzerland and partner countries.

We also provide clients from all over the world with the service of an independent second medical opinion from Switzerland, which can also be done online. Confirm or change your health assessment results, your diagnosis or your therapy options by ordering a medical examination by a Swiss doctor from Airdoc. You can do it either by coming here to meet the doctor in person or by uploading your medical documents and records online.

We are the link between the patient and first-class Swiss, European and world medicine.

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In Switzerland, as well as in partner clinics in other countries we are ready to help you:

  • We will help you design an individual check-up, medical examination or treatment program for you
  • We will fix an appointment with the right specialist as soon as possible
  • We will organize an interpreter and, if necessary,  round-the-clock language support
  • We will provide all necessary information about doctors, clinics, place of stay, country
  • We will provide a choice and help you compare the offers of different clinics, physician offices, and other healthcare providers
  • We will help you make the right choice
  • We will support you in the process of translating documents
  • We will organize drivers, hotels, excursions and other related services
  • We will help you stay in contact with your doctor online after your departure
  • We will organize a second medical opinion from Switzerland – an independent medical examination, an assessment of your condition or specific medical issue both online and on arrival in the country

We will find the right specialist for each situation!

For health!

How important it is to maintain your health and that of your loved ones! Today there is an opportunity to get additional advice, get a second opinion and, of course, a new point of view at one’s health, without leaving home! Consultations of leading experts from Switzerland, including online, helped us clarify the diagnosis and prescribe treatment! Special thanks to the employee of Airdoc Anastasia Sorvacheva for the organization of consultations, professional translation, prompt decisions and confidentiality!

Tatiana Sereda

Professional, punctual, convenient.

We would like to express our gratitude to the employee of Airdoc, Anastasia Sorvacheva, for organizing regular checkups for our family. The company gives us the opportunity not only to visit highly qualified doctors at a convenient time for us, but also, if necessary, to consult with doctors online, and what we consider very important is the possibility to get a doctor’s second opinion. We would like to especially note the competent communication of Anastasia with the doctors through translation. Professional, punctual, convenient.

Aleksey and Liliya Pavlenko

A very big thank you to Nastya for her care and professionalism in translation. After all, it is very important that what the doctor says is translated precisely. Additionally, thanks for the very kind and humane attitude of Nastia to us: when you are worried and confused, she will always support and help. We have known Nastya for many years and we will gladly continue to communicate with her. It is also very important that when we have already been done with all the medical examinations and were flying back to Russia, we could always contact her and solve the problems that have arisen.

Alexander and Svetlana G.

Now, with an easy heart, I want to thank the company Airdoc, led by a remarkable, devoted professional – Anastasia Sorvacheva! It is difficult to overestimate the help that was given to me and my family! After all, what can be more valuable than life? Anastasia was the lifebuoy, which I was holding onto while undergoing treatment. In addition to the highest professional level of medical personnel, the accuracy and coherence of its work, I received not only a completely satisfying medical treatment, but also incredible warmth, support and participation that are so important far from home! After the treatment, I the smiles of new friends and the understanding that I’m in the right, reliable hands remain in my memory!

Anastasia H.

Airdoc offers a wide range of services, each of which is designed to connect you with the best doctors – always in accordance with your personal situation. Among other things, we offer:

  • Consultations with doctors on video communication online and by phone/VoIP
  • Written second medical opinion – an independent medical opinion and assessment by a Swiss medical professional of your X-ray images, MRI, diagnoses, therapy plans and health status
  • Reliable and encrypted Swiss system for uploading and downloading medical files, while protecting downloaded data
  • On-site treatment in Switzerland, as well as in partner clinics in other countries
  • Rehabilitation in specialized clinics, as well as in thermal and high-altitude resorts in Switzerland and partner countries
  • Health-improving vacation-like stays
  • Childbirth in Switzerland

To current offers

Airdoc – your bridge to Swiss and world medicine

Our employees have worked in the field of medical services and patient support in Switzerland and partner countries for many years. Therefore, we know exactly which specialist and in what clinic or doctor’s office should be addressed in each  case. We know when it’s worth to go not to one but to two or even three doctors of one specialization in order to confirm or deny the initial diagnosis, the need for an operation, or treatment options. Our Swiss and multilingual team and support services will always support the client in their native language and will connect them with the right Swiss and world experts. Individual approach and the best quality of medical services are and always will be the first priorities for Airdoc. You can rely on us!

1️. Send us a request by clicking on the button below, or write a mail or message on the phone. Describe and sum up your problem.

2️. If you send us a request via the button on the site, then after filling out the personal data, clicking on the “Next” button, you will go to the page to create a personal medical file. Upload the results of your examinations – X-ray, CT, MRT and ultrasound images, tests, medical reports and personal description of your condition, etc. – to our site. Please note: the documents must be in German or English so that doctors can read them. Upon that Airdoc will create a protected personal file, accessible only by you and the chief administrator. The link and password for your dossier will be sent to you within 24 hours. You can send us the documents by e-mail, but in this case Airdoc can not guarantee full protection of the transmitted data. Airdoc also offers a service for the translation of medical documents, if there is such a need.

Why do you need my documents?
– Clinics and doctors should know the anamnesis in order to offer you the necessary examinations or treatment. Doctors need your medical records to get acquainted with the history of the disease. This way, they can give the most accurate diagnosis, confirm or deny the previous diagnosis, prescribe the most effective treatment in your case or examination.
What documents are needed?
– Excerpts from anamnesis, X-rays, MRIs, CTs, ultrasound, therapy plans, your personal description of your condition and its changes (in your own words), test results, etc.
How detailed should these documents be?
– Everything depends on the complexity of the case and your wishes. If you want to undergo a standard examination (check-up, body diagnostics), then we do not need special documents. In difficult cases, you need to provide the most detailed information about your condition and the result of previous medical examinations.
If the assumptions made by doctors in your country are not confirmed in the process of obtaining a second medical opinion, you should be prepared for the possibility of the doctor appointing a second examination or a partial repetition of the checkups.

3️. After receiving the documents, we will send inquiries to clinics or specific medical practices that deal with your particular profile and have proven themselves in the prevention or treatment of this particular condition/disease. If you have specific wishes regarding the clinic, let us know about it, and we will send a request to this clinic.

4️. Within 3-5 workdays we, together with clinics and doctors, process and prepare your individual program e.g. of  treatment, including its approximate cost, and we also appoint the leading specialist who will deal with your question.

5️. We send you an answer. If you agree with the offer, we confirm and begin to implement your program of prevention, diagnosis or treatment.

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Airdoc works with the best clinics – here are some of them

Accommodation, education, residence permit

After visiting Switzerland for treatment, some of our clients think about temporary or even permanent residence in our country, about obtaining a residence permit in Switzerland, about the possibility of training for children in Swiss schools, boarding schools, and universities. We organize interviews with educational institutions and law firms dealing with migration law. Among our partners are the best schools in Switzerland and proven, experienced lawyers.

We are waiting for your requests!

Do you want to leave us a request for treatment, a preventive examination or a second medical opinion? Send us a request by clicking the link below or send us a phone message!
Have any questions or would like to receive more information? Contact us online in the chat on the bottom right, send us an email or leave a request! We will reply to you as soon as possible.


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